Optimum Angle For Solar Panels

Optimum angle for solar panels is needed for optimal utilization of photovoltaic panels and is obtained when the panel is mounted on the bracket with variable azimuth and elevation angle. Because these controllers and carriers are too expensive commonly is accepted mounting on a fixed brackets with panel azimuth shifted to the south. Elevation of the solar panels should be set guided by the criterion of the least favorable conditions, the lowest intensity of solar radiation (December and January).
Angle of the solar panels from the horizontal plane for these months can be read from the diagram:

optimum angle

Formula for calculation best angle for solar panels, based on the latitude is:
Latitude value*0,89+24.
For example If panel position is 35º north latitude than optimum tilt angle will be:
Exact latitude value for specific place can be found on following address:
www. findlatitudeandlongitude.com
It is important to note that the angle calculated by the formula or diagram is not optimal in terms of efficiency of the panel during the year. Our initial goal is to provide a reliable power supply throughout the year. Because of that we are focused on the worst month by intensity of solar radiation and we set up panel to sight elevation angle in order to get the most unfavorable month maximum power from the panel. Elevation angle for maximum power production during the year is different.
When photovoltaic modules are installed on supporting structure at an angle like od the next picture, it is important to calculate minimum distance between modules to avoid shadow from one module on another module.


Formula 1

x- modules length
α-solar radiation angle
ω-modules angle

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  1. TARIQ KHAN says


    • admin says

      Hello Tariq
      Optimal angle is 52 degree.

  2. Javed Afridi says

    Great site i have already found an answer to a question i was about to post

    • admin says

      Thanks Afridi!

  3. PRAKASH R says

    Please let me know the ideal angle for Solar panels


  4. PRAKASH R says


    • admin says

      Solar panel should be set to look to south and optimal angle in relation to the ground is 37 degree.
      Best regards

  5. Bob says

    In California, it typically rains ONLY between October and April, suggesting that an flatter angle would be more optimal for our area. The cloud cover significantly reduces solar generation during the rainy season but clouds are a rare occurrence during the dry season.

    • admin says

      Thanks for your comment Bob

  6. Sangram says

    Please send the best tilt angle of Solar Panel in Haridwar, Roorkee
    Latitude is 29.89, Longitude is 78.24

    Please also send the Azimuth angle for the location for fixed system

    • admin says

      Hello Sangram
      You can set solar panels on 51 degree.
      Azumut is 180 degree.

  7. Abdul Razzaq says

    Please send the best tilt angle of Solar Panel in Bhawalpur, Pakistan
    Latitude is 29.3956, Longitude is 71.6836

    Abdul Razzaq

    • admin says

      Hello Abdul
      You can set solar module on 50 degree and read previous comment for other suggestions.

  8. Sh Haris Ahmad says

    Please send the best tilt angle of Solar Panel in Rabwah, Pakistan?
    Latitude is 31.7527778, Longitude is 72.9222221999
    Sh Haris Ahmad

    • admin says

      The best angle for your position is 52 degrees for a fixed system. But this is the best angle for optimum performance of your solar system and not for most electricity generation during the whole year. Read more details in http://www.mysolarpannels.com/optimum-angle-for-solar-panels/
      Much better results in generation of electricity are obtained with not fixed solar panels. Certainly if you have the funds to invest i suggest you to look carriers for solar panels with possibility to adjust the angle of solar panels and systems for tracking the sun. Read this article for more informations http://www.mysolarpannels.com/how-to-install-solar-panels/

  9. hardik savaiya says

    fo triangular solar panel what is the best angle for maximum efficiency?????/

    • Naveed ur Rehman says

      Ty http://www.otilt.com/. Its a quick and reliable solution for finding optimum tilt angles. Brief methodology of how it works is also described.

    • admin says

      Thanks for your question.
      Best angle of the solar panel is not depending from shape of the solar panel. You can use calculations described in the post.
      If its difficult for you to determine best angle and if your application allow, i suggest you to look for solar panel tracking system.

  10. Walter says

    I was surprised to find that at 27.5 latitude my optimum winter angle is 48.475 degrees. I’m working on a solar hot water project and will probably round this number down to 45 degrees to simplify construction. Thanks for the info.

    • admin says

      We are pleased that we have helped.